Against the Grain

by Barking Backwards

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released 03 January 2013



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Track Name: The Pain
The pain. No place to call my home.
The pain. Inside my fucked up head I roam.
The pain. Pump hate through my veins.
The pain. Violent thoughts inside my brain.
Track Name: Appetite Eater
craving this demon to feed my hunger.
im under a cloud full of lightning and thunder.
crave all i hate thanks for wasting my time.
your words were a joke and im the fucking punchline.

close your eyes and you will see this anger is a part of me.
open your and you still wont see that you eat all crave and it sickens me.

appetite lost. appetite gone.
appetite still somewhere far and i can't feel it.
eat my fucking appetite.
Track Name: Moan
my life.
the tears.
the strain.
my fears.
you never cared.
you disappeared. (x3)

eyes. gold. voice. kill. buried. selfish. (x2)

i'm speaking tongues. my life. my tears.
break my back. the strain. my fears.

i'm voiceless. not alive.
stuck in the past. i'll stay inside. (x2)

the voice of gold catches me.
keep coming back to where i started.
eyes that kill piercing through me.
should have stopped but i ignored it.
but your touch it feels so sweet.
false sense of happiness i find.
all these mind games leave me bitter.
while i'm buried in your selfishness.
eyes that kill. voice of gold.
buried in your selfishness.
eyes that kill. voice of gold.
buried in your lies.

stay the fuck inside. voiceless not alive. (x3)
you never cared. you disappeared.
Track Name: Bigger Picture
build it up.
burn it down.
have a seat look around.
what goes up must come down.
nothing stays afloat forever.
vicious cycle.
bathe in bullshit.
living slow but dying faster. (everyday)
Track Name: Greater Than Kings
burning all your bridges.
sinking all your ships.
life without an anchor.
crutchless til the fucking end.

generations raised in filth.
these minds decay, cannot rebuild.
silent screams, fearful cries.
watch this generation die.

speaking to the deaf.
giving what cannot be gave.
wondering whats left.
saving what cannot be saved.

practice what you preach.
free your mind. don't be weak.

we are greater than kings.

barking backwards.